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Nov 20 2020


Fei Gao

At Beijing City International School (BCIS) we aim to inspire and empower our students to engage in authentic and elevating learning experiences. We believe learning can and should occur anywhere, anytime. BCIS offers a host of opportunities for students to enrich their learning journeys through our Enrichment Activities (EAs). Half of our EAs are led by our teachers and external professionals.The other half are initiated and led by students, lending our inspired and motivated students a platform for social growth and explorations of lifelong interests with like-minded community members.

7.1.jpgOur students gather during lunch time or after school to engage with an array of activities encompassing arts, sports, sciences, forensics, business, philanthropic and many transdisciplinary fields of interest. Grade 12's Lisa Yang (Future Business Leaders of America leader and China's Regional President) believes these opportunities are a fun-filled growth and connecting experience, making each teammate proud of each other's development throughout the course of projects or tournaments.

image.pngWith so much variety, it is no wonder our alumni and students often recall fond memories from their EAs. Our students can take on personas, challenge themselves, network, share learning journeys in exciting environments and form dynamic relationships within the school and beyond. The benefits of EAs are self-evident as our students, staff and community explore with enthusiasm.7.3.jpg7.4.jpg