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Sep 25 2020


Fei Gao

Beijing City International School's (BCIS) Alumni Network has rapidly expanded; reaching across continents, re-establishing relationships between our graduates and also connecting with our current students right here on campus. With thanks to the strong, collaborative efforts from the Alumni Relations Team and our alumni, this unique year has reaped great rewards for our BCIS community. A few of our alumni, here in China and abroad, have shared what connectedness means to them.

Eva (Xinxian) Dong

Class of 2017

New York University

Bachelor of Science in applied Psychology and Economics, minor in Business Studies

I am from the class of 2017 currently in New York and one of the co-founders of the BCIS New York Alumni Association. Ayden, Grace (two other NY Association co-founders) and I have weekly catch-ups with the BCIS Alumni Relations Officers. We have more than 25 members in our NY Association and are expanding into the upper State of New York. As BCIS alumni in New York, for those who are due to arrive we would like to provide them with support and to be their connection to home. This has also been a great learning opportunity and chance to be a leading example when more associations develop in other countries.

Wenxin (Rose) Zhao

Class of 2016

Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

I love that we are connecting again and with other graduates from different years. It was a nice surprise to have access to the new Alumni Study Lounge, Alumni Passes and the Alumni Network; I did not expect this set up when I returned to China and it's perfect because I needed to write my GRE exam. I cannot go back to America at the moment, so I have been gaining some experience in teaching mathematics and mentoring our BCIS students. It is special, because we were in their shoes just a few years ago, and so it is easy to connect with them. It also definitely feels good to come into school together at the same time again, with a backpack on – a real sense of nostalgia.


Naike Ye

Class of 2017

Vassar College

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry & Education

I am a more recent graduate, proud BCISer and happy for this reciprocal relationship. I have been able to be a teaching assistant in Mr Garrett Horner's Secondary School science class. I am happy that I can step up and help students along their journey here. Something I wish someone had told me when I joined BCIS later in high school, as a timid person, is something I have shared with the students now: to take initiatives. Hopefully they will benefit from the beginning. I am also going to take a BCIS flag and stick it on my dormitory door – it will be a great conversation starter!