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Sep 30 2020


Fei Gao

Melodies from Chemistry

Our students at Beijing City International School (BCIS) are constantly pushing innovation. Grade 8 student, Iris Shi, recently composed a melody inspired by merging two subjects together – math and chemistry – in a project about the periodic table, using the elements as notes.


Periodic Table Poetry

In Mr Habineza's Grade 8 chemistry class, students took a creative spin on sharing the origin and history behind chosen elements of the periodic table. Anna Fan wrote a poem showcasing each element with a little tongue-in-cheek. She felt inspired to write a poem since her English unit was focusing on the powerful story-telling tool of poetry.


Big News

The fascinating history behind the discovery of the essential element phosphorus was shown through a breaking news article written by Sky He. The captivating and comical account shared the accidental discovery by German merchant, Henning Brand, who was in fact in pursuit of making man-made gold.


Evening Spectacular

For our Grade 12 IDEATE students, the year has begun in full swing. Our pioneering students have forged their ideas for their semester-long projects and have begun presenting their rationales and plans to fellow students, teachers and staff. Juli Zhu is on a mission to create a night-time spectacle with the use of calculus, determination and a magical vision.


Climbing to the top

Looking forward to leaving a token behind after graduating, Travis Sullivan, is exploring architecture and hopes to provide his BCIS community with a refreshed rock-climbing wall. Integrating subjects collaboratively with extended community input, real-life IDEATE projects like these always remind and bring excitement about our students' unique learning journeys and their contributions.