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Jul 17 2020


Fei Gao

At Beijing City International School (BCIS), BCISconnectedness is one of our greatest pursuits. It is always a privilege for us to see where and what our graduates have gone and done globally. While the BCISpirit, with our most recent Class of 2020, makes headway across continents, our current students are equally proactive in their global contributions and quests.

Two of our soon-to-be Grade 11 students have recently showcased their respective passions on global platforms. Our artistic Alice, along with Micah Hendler (founder of the Jerusalem Youth Chorus) and students of the choir developed a spectacular performance. They presented a virtual choral verse as their "'Home' from Home" project, singing together apart and entering homes through hearts.

While Alice has also begun writing for BeijingKids sharing her perspectives on all things youth, tech-savvy Tom has furthered experience in his field of interest: computer sciences. Tom entered and excelled in the global WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge hosted by Apple, based on creative design, technical accomplishments and content. He created a 3-minute immersive and interactive scene which pleased the programmers at Swift and Apple. All to say, our students are using their passions for our mission; "the good and sustainable development of the world".