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Jun 11 2020


Dennis Wang

Our Journey Continues series profiles BCIS Grade 12 students as they take the next step in their learning journey, they answer questions on their experience at BCIS and share their aspirations for the future. This week we talked to Amy, an IB Diploma Programme student, who is considering the entire holistic experience when looking into the next step of her learning journey. Amy has chosen to major in Economics, a subject she has a passion for but never studied at BCIS – Amy, we can't wait to see where you venture in the future!


IB Diploma Programme Student

University Offers Received: University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, University of California Berkeley and other University of California schools.

How did you select the colleges you applied for? What were the major factors guiding your decisions?

When selecting colleges, I focused on having a balance of safety, target, and reach schools. Most importantly, I ensured that I could envision myself enjoying my time if attending any one of those schools. Aside from academic rigor, it was crucial for me that the schools also have supportive and engaging communities.

What made you want to pursue an economics major? Have you always been passionate about economics?

I didn't discover my interest in economics until I attended a summer program before Grade 11. Although I didn't choose economics as one of my IBDP classes, I did plenty of reading and studying on my own. I really like how this field of study has a combination of theoretical analysis and real-life application, and knowledge in economics helps me to view the social issues around me from a critical perspective.

Of the colleges you have received offers from, what about these colleges appeals to you the most as a BCIS student?

Not only do most of the colleges I applied to already have BCIS alumni attending, but the schools themselves also have diverse student bodies. For instance, in the University of California schools, students often come from a range of social backgrounds and have distinctive interests which all contribute to the dynamic scenes on their campuses. Meanwhile, since I'll be attending college as an international student, I also genuinely appreciate the University of Notre Dame for admitting me into their merit scholarship program. To me, it is an indicator that Notre Dame really cares about its international student body, while other US schools rarely consider international students for scholarships.

What was an unexpected challenge you faced during Grade 12?

The COVID-19 outbreak definitely brought many unexpected challenges to all Grade 12 students. We had to quickly adapt to changes made by the IB and learn to navigate online learning. Even upon reentering our school , I noticed how things operate is completely different from before, but it's great to have the opportunity to meet my friends in school again before graduation.

What year did you begin at BCIS? What is your favorite place on the BCIS campus?

Ever since I started at BCIS in Grade 6, I've always found the ginkgo tree to be a fascinating part of the BCIS campus, especially during the autumn season. Elements of this symbolic landmark are truly integrated into so many aspects of BCIS—website graphics, yearbooks, graduation photos and more.

What three words do you feel best describe BCIS?

innovative, close-knit, sustainable