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Jun 11 2020


Dennis Wang

We continue to hear from our Grade 12 students in our Journey Continues series, where they share their next steps in their learning journey, their experience at BCIS and their aspirations for the future.

Today Anouk, an IB Diploma Programme student, shares how and why she has chosen to pursue an International Relations major. We are excited to see what Anouk will bring to the international table with her hunger for service around the globe.


IB Diploma Programme Student

Chosen University: University of Toronto

How did you select the colleges you applied for and how did you find the application process? Any successes you found or challenges you overcame?

I wanted to find myself in a familiar environment, but not too familiar. The main challenge I encountered was realizing quite late into 11th grade that I needed to take the SAT. My goal is to major in International Relations, so I went through the college's curriculum and read reviews or articles about the program.

What made you want to pursue an international relations major? Have you always been interested in global affairs?

I grew up in a multicultural environment where discussions within the realm of politics, economics or culture were quite common. A few years ago, I realized that global affairs and policy can have quite an impact on the world. As a result, I feel it is a field that will allow me to combine my interests with my aspiration of being useful.

What expectations do you have for your college experience?

University of Toronto's student body is considerable, with over 61,000 students total on the St. George campus. I think this will lead to momentary imposter syndrome, but it will also provide me with numerous opportunities to meet interesting people. I look forward to it!

What was an unexpected challenge you faced during Grade 12?

Although most Grade 12 students would say Mock Exams or IAs, I think the Class of 2020 faced the most unexpected challenge: COVID-19. I flew to France on my own in February and have been stuck here ever since. Completing the IB in France, online, away from my family, is a challenge I did not expect.

What went through your mind when you received your university offer?

Receiving my first offer was thrilling; the wait was becoming unbearable! But receiving my offer from the University of Toronto specifically was really exciting. I immediately reached out to my Canadian friend that had also been admitted. We talked about the city, the campus (which she had visited), planned coffee shop adventures and talked about the opportunities that are ahead.

What year did you begin at BCIS? What is your favorite place on the BCIS campus?

I joined the BCIS community last year, just in time for the beginning of the IB Diploma Programme. My favorite place on the campus would either be the lounge, or the music practice rooms. So many great memories with friends were made in the lounge, but the practice rooms were always a safe haven to recover from a long day of IB.

What is your favorite memory from BCIS?

I think ACAMIS last year with the U19 Girls' Football Team is my favorite. Despite the scorching heat, it was amazing to discover Taipei with my teammates. We really bonded both on and off the field, and I am truly thankful to have been able to at least prepare and attend one ACAMIS tournament with them and our amazing coaches.