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Feb 21 2020


Dennis Wang

Throughout the 15 years of Beijing City International School (BCIS), our community has become a hub of #BCISconnectedness, bringing together cultures, families and a shared passion for learning. Over the past year, our community has connected with new and familiar individuals and issues. We invited international experts to speak on education at home, child development and language acquisition. Students of all ages have incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into their learning. As a community, we have shared and connected with one another's cultures at events such as the International Day Lunch, and whilst our students hail from over 29 countries, together they celebrate Chinese culture by participating in Chinese New Year Assemblies and regular language classes. Even now, when our campus is temporarily closed, online platforms are connecting community members in different time zones and across vast distances. Watch the video above to see #BCISconnectedness in action, and as you lay your eyes on our famous Gingko tree, we hope this connects you to us all at BCIS.