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Sep 23 2019


Dennis Wang

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for reunion. This year, to bring together the BCIS community, a Movie Night Picnic event was held to celebrate the holiday. Take a look at the video below to share in the joy and community spirit of this event.

To start off the evening, our regular Eco Market took place in the main campus courtyard. The BCIS community-organized Eco Market showcases local and sustainable vendors who offer tasty snacks and produce, as well as homemade handicrafts and more. Students, parents, hard-working teachers and their families gathered at the end of a busy week to enjoy local delicacies and to admire the creative and sustainable products on offer.

It wouldn't be Mid-Autumn Festival without lanterns! To get families in the Mid-Autumn mood, lantern making stations were setup for attendees to create their own lantern to mark this special occasion. Reinforcing our commitment to being #BCISsustainable, all attendees were required to bring along recycled materials to use to create their lighting masterpieces. We saw some incredibly creative works made using recyclable string lights, cartons, dried flowers, clothes pegs, string and other materials, as well as waste beverage bottles collected in the classroom.

It also wouldn't be a movie night without a movie! The feature film shown at this special night was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, an animated picture enjoyed by young and old alike. Excited BCIS community families, with prepared picnic mats and plastic-free picnic food, gathered in the gym, now illuminated with lanterns to share a night of laughter, delicious food and the warmth of the community.

The evening was a great success in bringing together the community to celebrate the joys of Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy time together with the #BCIScommunity.