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Jun 13 2019


Greg Choi

With the upcoming summer vacation soon arriving, the Teacher Librarians and their assistants from all three divisions (Early Childhood Center, Elementary School, and Secondary School) kindly provided reading recommendations and tips for all our students. Indeed, they know it is quite important for students (and adults!) to continue to read throughout the days to maintain and improve their reading skills. Please read further for their great advice and messages!

Dear ECC Families,

Thank you for your great support of the ECC library this year!

Now that summer is here, it's time to rediscover all the wonderful books your family has in your personal libraries at home. Young children love to re-read books and research tells us that this is important for supporting their early literacy and language skills. Counting books, sorting them by sizes and topics, and tidying up shelves help children develop book handling skills make connections and develop math skills. I've created a challenge chart with ideas for reading in fun and different ways. Print the chart and your child can cross-off each challenge as he/she completes it. Maybe you can even add some fun ideas yourself!

Kind Regards,

Ms. Suzanne McKemey, Teacher Librarian and Language Team Leader