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Jun 13 2019


Greg Choi

With the upcoming summer vacation soon arriving, the Teacher Librarians and their assistants from all three divisions (Early Childhood Center, Elementary School, and Secondary School) kindly provided reading recommendations and tips for all our students. Indeed, they know it is quite important for students (and adults!) to continue to read throughout the days to maintain and improve their reading skills. Please read further for their great advice and messages!

We would like to recommend the 25 most popular books in this academic year. The list here includes books in Chinese and English, classics and emerging authors, and also graphic novels and fiction stories, proving that our students have a wide range of reading interests! We hope all young readers can start their reading journey or enjoy the joy of reading throughout this summer holiday.

In addition, although our library is not open during the holidays, please be aware that the digital library is always open to students to access on any device, anytime, anywhere. Students simply just need to log in with their student ID and password. The digital library collection is classified by genre (Classic, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Non- Fiction, Science Fiction...), and includes Chinese, English, and audio books. We encourage the entire community to utilize the digital library during the summer. Enjoy your summer reading!

Provided By: Ms. Megan Eddington, Teacher Librarian; Ms. Serena Huang, Teacher Librarian Assistant