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Apr 25 2019


Greg Choi

"The Willow Pattern" play tells the story behind the popular blue and white pottery design that found its way to Europe in the 19th Century. Knoon-She is the daughter of a powerful Mandarin. He wants her to marry Ta-Jin, a brainless warrior, but Knoon-She has already fallen in love with her father's secretary, Chang, and on the eve of their wedding, the lovers escape together. For a while, it seems that the two young lovers may be able to spend their lives happily together. However, the Mandarin has a nasty temper and is determined to make Chang and Knoon-She pay for what they have done . . .

Please read further for what Ms. Sara Clark, MYP Drama Teacher, had to say about the work.

When I was first introduced to this play, I fell in love not only with the beautiful language and imagery in the story, but also with the fascinating history of the willow pattern pottery design. As this is my first year teaching at BCIS, it was interesting to explore this Chinese story with my students and also learn more about what life was like in ancient China.

I am constantly astounded at the amount of dedication and talent the Middle School students have shown throughout the process of bringing this story to life. There are valuable lessons to be learned about the devastating effects of anger on both the victim and perpetrator, and also about how controlling someone's life to an extreme can backfire. These topics led to interesting discussions that I hope will continue after the performance as well.

There is beauty to be found even in the darkest of situations, and I love how this story leaves the audience with that feeling. We hope you enjoy the performance as we have really enjoyed bringing it to life!

Date: May 9-11

Time: 19:00

Place: BCIS Theatre

Ticket Price: 30 RMB (available from Senior School Office)