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Mar 26 2019


Greg Choi

A gallery walk takes you into an embrace of the artist's sentiments and mind, but it is a solo performance in nature. It's rare, and difficult, to design an exhibition to showcase the works of a collective of artists possessing different personalities, experiences, and aesthetics. And that's what we're doing with Banana Arts.

Banana Arts Exhibition is a student-led annual event in 798. We exhibit student artworks collected throughout the year. These works consist of a variety of mediums and styles exhibited for the purpose of enriching the BCIS art community, as well as for artists to have a chance to present themselves. In addition, all proceeds will go to charity (Migrant Children's Foundation).

This year, the event will take place on June 1 and 2, 2019.

The exhibition will revolve around the central theme: Awake and Asleep.

We guarantee at least 40 artworks from 15 different schools, including China Central Academy of Fine Arts. This will be the biggest Banana Arts Exhibition yet.

The exhibition will be seeing visitors from art academies, universities, and businesses. It will be a forum for artists to share opportunities, ideas, or just our passion for art.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the submission form (one for each artwork) before May 10 and send it to You will be further informed via email before May 18 with more detailed information regarding work delivery.

Artwork Requirements

• Artwork should follow the theme of Awake and Asleep through personal interpretation

• Each artist may submit no more than two artworks

• We only accept 2D artworks (paintings, drawings, photographs, etc.) and/or 3D artworks (installations, sculptures, etc.), we do not accept 4D artworks such as films.

• 2D artwork should be no bigger than 100 x 100 cm

• 3D artwork should be no bigger than 50 x 50 x 100 cm

• Paper artworks should be framed

Contact information:

Email: 2014273070@mybcis.c

Address: Beijing City International School

No. 77 Baiziwan Nan Er Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022, PR China

Please stay tuned for more information.


当你漫步在一间画廊,沉浸在艺术家的情感和心灵中,往往只能感受到自己内心的"独奏曲"。而Banana Arts是如金色大厅中交响乐般,一个融汇着众多艺术家多元性格故事与风格的艺术大展。而这也是我们-香蕉艺术节组委会一直以来追求的目标。

Banana Arts是由BCIS学生发起的年度活动,展览坐标798艺术区。以充实BCIS的美术群体交流为方向,以为校内外热爱美术的学生们提供一个展现自己的平台为宗旨,我们将会展出整个学年收集与甄选的多种形式与风格的学生作品。值得一提的是,Banana Arts展览活动的所有收益将全部捐助给慈善项目(MCF打工子弟基金会)。

The exhibition will revolve around the central theme: Awake and Asleep.


The event will take place on June 1-2, 2019.


我们承诺,本次Banana Arts展览将展出40多幅来自15所学校的学生作品,其中包括中央美术学院的经典大作。这将是历年以来规模最大的Banana Arts展览。




  • 作品的主题需包含作者对"睡/醒"这一主题的个人见解
  • 每位参展者最多提交两幅作品
  • 作品形式只限2D(绘画、摄影等)与3D(装置艺术、雕塑等)形式,
  • 2D作品大小上限为100 x 100 厘米
  • 3D作品大小上限为50 x 50 x 100 厘米
  • 任何2D纸质作品应提前装裱


电子邮件:  2014273070@mybcis.c

地址:北京乐成国际学校,北京市朝阳区百子湾南二路77号 100022