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Mar 13 2019


Greg Choi

With the days getting warmer, and the sun coming out more often, it is time for our ECC students to have fun in the Rooftop Garden! This special area is the perfect setting for our young scholars to gain an understanding of the importance of nature and the invaluable resources it provides. And so, it is always an exciting time for the children and teachers to spend quality time on the Rooftop Garden and utilize the space of greenery for seed planting and harvesting. By rolling up their sleeves and roughing it outdoors, they are gaining firsthand experience about all things nature and learning about the relevant essentials, such as the conditions necessary for seeds to grow. They are also learning lessons on reducing, reusing, and recycling to maintain our beautiful world, following the school's mission to be sustainable and compassionate. In addition, what may seem like simple play to the untrained eye, the students are in fact developing their gross motor skills by shoveling, picking vegetables and fruits with their bare hands, and working about. As they move their shoulders, elbows, wrists, and then fingers in the various farming activities, they are also improving their pre-writing skills!

As always, new adventures in the Rooftop Garden at the ECC await, with new foods to be tasted, new patches of land to be harvested, and more exciting learning to be done! We will keep you dear readers posted on the latest happenings, so please stay tuned.