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Mar 03 2019


Greg Choi

Recently, over 40 BCIS students attended and competed at the Beijing All Stars held at ISB, in which more than 600 swimmers took part. The Water Warriors entered the tournament with confidence, and they did not disappoint! By earning third place overall with a score of 1,252, they displayed all of the hard work they put in their regular training, as well as the strong BCIS swimming program. The cheers of the parents that came out in force to help out and support the team certainly also helped motivate them to do their best.

Students from the Elementary School, Middle School, and High School came together with the same purpose and goal: swim to victory! Many personal bests, records, ribbons, medals, and high rankings were achieved, including Antony and YiRan taking first and second places in the boys aged 7-8 category, as well as Elaine taking second place in the girls aged 13 group. What is most important however, is that every student had a great time taking part. Like all the athletes and members of the diverse sports programs and activities offered at BCIS, the Water Warriors should all rightfully feel proud of themselves for their amazing accomplishments.

We would like to congratulate all the swimmers that took part, along with Darren Skov, Director of Athletics and Activities, and Jean Zhao, Parent Liaison, for all their great efforts into helping make this program and competition a success. Indeed, it was a real team effort!