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Mar 05 2019


Greg Choi

Calling All Risk Takers! - The Marketing Department is once again looking for contributors for the next amazing issue of Xue Xi! Writers and Artists can send submissions via email ( Please note that spots for inclusion in the issue are limited. So please send in your best work as soon as possible!


  • What do you think the future will be like? How will Beijing look like years from now? What are your future aspirations? Will people live on Mars? Will jetpacks and hoverboards finally exist?! Will Earth be the same as it is now? The possibilities of what the future holds are endless, so show us your ideas! The future is yours!

Submissions can be in the following categories:

  • Creative Writing, Expository Writing, Photography, Visual Arts, and Poetry

  • Please email your questions and submissions to by Midnight, April 19!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I submit videos? (For digital version?) No. Again, here are the following categories/types of submissions we are looking for: Creative Writing; Expository Writing; Photography; Visual Arts; and Poetry.
  • Can I submit a collection of photographs? You may submit a collection of photographs, but we will most likely choose one or two of the best to give everyone a chance to appear in the magazine.
  • Is the theme of the competition "THE FUTURE?" Yes. The theme is "THE FUTURE." So please share your idea what you think this is, whether it's people living on Mars or technology taking over our lives!
  • Is there any other thing I need to submit with my creative work? Please include your name and information when submitting your work.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!