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Oct 24 2018


Greg Choi

At BCIS, we recently started a tradition of sharing information with our community through a series titled, "Did You Know?" Staff members have begun to contribute both interesting facts and anecdotes about our school. For the first part of our series, Mr. Allen Lambert, Director of Communications, focuses on the BCIS mission. Please read further to learn more.

Did you know that the BCIS Mission is intended for parents, as well as staff and students? It is.That's why we ask parents from their first meeting in the admissions process about how they live the mission. Then, we revisit the mission again and again through our publications, workshops, and parent visits to the campus. It is our hope that all members become a meaningful part of our BCIS Community and take the mission to be compassionate, inspired, challenged, and empowered to work for the good of all into their hearts and deeds. After all, we believe our parents really do love the BCIS mission and choose BCIS for their children because they want to see these same values instilled into their children's lives.

Recently at our Family Picnic and Movie Night, I was standing by the gate as most of our parents entered for the evening. I was touched by the way they smiled and greeted me, as well as each other. Some were met by Ayis or delivery men bringing their picnics for them. I watched as they treated these individuals with care and respect. Some parents even handed their children to the guards, as they arranged their packages, who smiled and played with the delighted children. Later, in the gym, I saw that the families really enjoyed each other's company, with the adults happily chatting and the children playing together. At the end of the film, there was also almost no clean up needed, as each family took care of their own area. When we shared that the profits from the blankets on sale went to the Help A Child Smile organization, several families stepped up to buy one.

By seeing parents live the mission, the staff and faculty are always inspired to continue and promote the vision that each of us shares, to see our students grow up as caring, inspired individuals who work for the good of all. We thank our community members for being such good role models for us. We will continue to support our BCIS family in this good work.