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Sep 14 2018


Greg Choi

Preparing for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) exams is a very rigorous process that requires focus and dedication. BCIS is proud to state that more than 40 of our seniors from the Class of 2018 challenged themselves to take the IB exams in six subjects, plus Theory of Knowledge. Although the world average pass rate is 29.9 points, our graduates earned an average of 34 points to pass the Diploma Programme. We are pleased about the excellent results received in higher-level courses such as English, Chinese, Mathematics, Business Management, Biology, and Psychology, but even more we are proud that every graduate pushed themselves to accomplish their very best. As Mr. David Nguyen, DP Coordinator, states, "We are extremely proud of our students' achievements with their IB results and university placements. At BCIS, we have a mantra of, 'Know your student, know your curriculum.' Our students' class average was 4.22 IB points above the world average, which was no surprise because our teachers had a 90% accuracy predicted grades rate." These great achievements, it must be noted, also display the huge dedication our teachers possess to provide an outstanding education across all subject areas. In fact, it is everyone's involvement, including parents, that afford our students to become empowered and rise to the occasion to overcome any challenges they face in life.

Exam scores are certainly one way to evaluate students' performances in an academic setting. However, they are not the sole indicators of the potential of a child. Much more is involved in this regard. That is why at BCIS, we strive to create the best possible learning environment, as well as provide the best opportunities for our students to grow, harness their potential, and move towards success in all their endeavors not only in school, but in their future careers.

Congratulations once again to the amazing Class of 2018!