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Sep 14 2018


Greg Choi

Recently, we had the great honor and privilege of hosting Ms. Anna Mlynek-Kalman, Director of Music Works Magic Education and Resource Centre in Australia. She visited our ECC Campus for some fun and interesting musical learning for everyone. With an understanding that our voice is a very important tool for effective communication, Ms. Anna went to several different classrooms and taught lessons to children while singing everything! Instead of simply asking a student's name, she would sing the question to everyone's delight. As a teacher that believes "music education is the quintessential cornerstone for successful lifelong learning," she advocates for the sound developmental and educational base for children through music. According to her center's website, "music is the one activity known to vastly improve children's cognitive ability, helping to develop the mastery of languages, create memory systems, assist with complex problem solving, and positively affect emotional skills." To make this point clearer, Ms. Anna kindly held an interactive parent workshop focusing on musical agency in children's play, in which she highlighted the power of invisible learning in music education. She also held professional development courses for our wonderful teachers to further spread the joy of music in all their classes and empower them to make music together with students wherever they are.