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Sep 04 2018


Greg Choi

Recently, a "New Family Welcome Breakfast" was held to resounding success. Nearly 140 parents (along with some cute children!) attended the exciting event to munch on delicious food, learn more about the school, and, most importantly, connect with the community. At BCIS, we strive to promote the importance of a cooperative relationship, making certain everyone knows we are a school where parents and teachers partner together to help children achieve their potential. Hence, the Leadership Team and other members of our amazing staff introduced themselves and shared sage advice to help parents and guardians become familiar with all things BCIS. The PTA also made an appearance to warmly welcome the new families in person and invite them to join and get involved with the special group. In addition, the new community members were given the opportunity to express any concerns or feedback about their experiences with the school so far to listening ears. Overall, it was a successful welcoming gathering for the newest members of our tight-knit community Indeed, the collaborative spirit of the BCIS community could be felt deeply on the day, with both new and old members following the BCIS mission and showing compassion for the good of all.