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Aug 21 2018


Greg Choi

At BCIS, we value the strength and unique bond of our tightknit community. Indeed, it is the amazing members, including all students, teachers, and staff members, that make up our wonderful school. Recently, as is our tradition, a parent sharing meeting was held at the Elementary School. Although some may think it is strange to hold such a gathering at the beginning of the new school year, we believe it was the perfect opportunity for both old and new families to become acquainted with their children's homeroom teachers in creating a smooth start for everyone involved. Parents met with the teachers for 15 minutes to discuss and share information about the students, their interests, hobbies, families, hopes, concerns, and more. With this information in hand, the teachers are able to truly provide a personalized education for the children in their care. As one can see, everyone in the "BCIS Family" does their best to contribute and make certain students reach their potential.
According to Mrs. Yooah Nguyen, Elementary School Deputy Principal, it is important to make connections with parents early on in the year so that teachers can become better prepared in understanding how their students learn best. She further mentioned "teachers enjoy doing this as they get to just hear all about the student from the parents' eyes, which often is a really positive start of the year for everyone." For our students to become successful, capable, and independent learners, it is important for teachers to gain a perspective of who they are and how they actually learn from the best source possible, their parents. Therefore, such parent meetings are invaluable, helping create a great beginning point to a prosperous educational journey.