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Aug 13 2018


Greg Choi

It is always a special time when the new school year commences and our community members unite once again. There is much hustle and bustle at BCIS during such times, and this year is no different! Indeed, excitement, wonder, and more emotions were palpable in the hallways, classrooms, and everywhere really in the new semester! As such, it was pure joy to witness students, teachers, staff, and families reunited to face the challenges and amazing times waiting for all in the upcoming year.

As is tradition, a gathering of our community members was held at the Sunken Plaza, where the celebration commenced with the musical talents of the student group "Tan90" playing an exciting rendition of the song "Havana," originally by Camilla Cabello, to great cheers. A number of other students then took the stage to make their peers aware of the groups and activities, such as the Student Council, available, as well as express their gratitude to the wonderful teachers and advisors that have helped them throughout their academic journey so far. Lastly, several school leaders spoke to mark the official start of the new school year. Afterwards, students were ushered to their respective classrooms, along with their advisors. Since it was the beginning of the semester, a lighter schedule was followed on the first day, where priority was given to students becoming comfortable with their new settings, classes, classmates, and teachers. Much laughter, smiles, and hugs could be seen throughout the hallways, which only the excitement brought by a new year at school can create.

We would like to warmly welcome all our students, families, teachers, and staff back to school! We certainly hope everyone had a restful and fun-filled summer holiday and are now recharged for the exciting new academic school year that lies ahead. In addition to all the great activities, events, workshops, and programs you have come to love and cherish, there will be so much more happening! Please rest assured, we will, with constant effort, strive to create meaningful change, as well as an environment where all feel cared for, supported, safe, and are nurtured at BCIS.

Welcome back!