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Jun 14 2018


Greg Choi

The BCIS mission is to challenge and empower students to be compassionate and inspired people, who act for the good of all and for the sustainable development of the world.

On June 7-8, massive crowds came flocking to BCIS for one purpose: the Grade 5 IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition of course! As is tradition, the event was held to celebrate the amazing work of the highly diligent, intelligent, resilient, and creative Grade 5 students. Every year, as a culmination of the IB Primary Years Programme, the young learners dive into their project-based work to cover a few of their IB PYP Units of Inquiry (UOI), including "How the World Works," "Sharing the Planet," and "How We Express Ourselves." Through the engagement of research and discussion, the students learn and gain new life skills, such as data gathering, effective interviewing, and presenting. As part of the curriculum, the children work on their own projects based on a particular issue of their choosing and interest. This proved to be a daunting task at first, with student Ula stating, "In the beginning, it was scary because I didn't know what I wanted to do. There were so many topics to choose from. But after researching a few that interested me and learning more about these, I was able to become more confident in choosing the one I liked best." This year, they explored and tackled a wide range of important topics affecting the entire world, including bullying, endangered animals, heritage protection, racism, religion and how people need to respect those with different religious beliefs, and so much more. As the culmination of the PYP and their most important academic event of the year, it was also the perfect way to end their Elementary School journey, one can visualize the great dedication and focus these young learners possessed to make this the best exhibition possible.

To set the mood correctly and create the most suitable setting for this extravaganza, the students decorated and transformed various rooms and corridors on the first floor of the Elementary School building by borrowing the finest traditional Chinese furniture from the offices of the Finance, HR, and Marketing Departments. Utilizing powerful visual art works, videos, keynotes, and other forms of media, the students created spectacular presentations that wowed all audiences. With great pride, the young learners also showcased a unique and unified identity, along with great collaboration skills by donning specially made t-shirts (that had the word, "Exhibition," creatively emblazoned on them), working together to put on a fantastic overall show that showcased their speaking, musical, and comedic abilities. Jameel Crues, Grade 5 ELL Teacher, stated, "The students worked really hard to create this amazing exhibition. Their dedication and determination has been inspiring." The exhibition was not only opened to parents, students, and staff members of BCIS, but also members of other schools. As part of the Beijing PYP network, BCIS is invited each year to attend other schools' exhibitions and vice versa to see what issues different students are looking into, as well as talk with students that have researched similar issues.

This year, the students outdid themselves with very well thought out presentations, which their thorough research and hard work can attest to. Grade 5 student Haeun moved hearts with her project on stray animals, emphasizing that people be more considerate when bringing a pet home and making it a life-long member of their families. Students Anna-Livia and Nora took on the seemingly never-ending issue of bullying, mentioning this is an important topic to highlight because so many people are abused on a daily basis, which should not be the case. Nora stated she personally was bullied at her previous school and therefore strongly felt compelled to tackle on this problem, while Anna-Livia mentioned she wants to help stop this. Student Jia Rong chose the issue of Beijing's rapidly changing environment, stating how it is important to analyze the past for a better future for the community. Furthermore, student Bella chose the topic of radiation, stating that it is important for people to know the dangers of such emitted particles, especially in this day and age where everyone is hypnotized by either their mobile phone, laptop, or iPad screen.

The PYP Exhibition is such an important part of a student's educational journey because it is the last major piece of work students do for the IB PYP. It also serves as a wonderful opportunity to bring together the numerous skills these young learners have gained over the years, as well as demonstrate their progress of becoming great inquirers, risk-takers, thinkers, and open-minded and compassionate people. Following the school's motto, the PYP Exhibition is about students taking what they have learned (becoming inspired), and giving them a platform on which to take action on an issue that they have come to care about (becoming empowered). They then face the challenge of preparing their own project, which involves much in-depth research, writing, and interviewing, while at the same time reflecting on why the particular issue they have chosen means so much to them (showing compassion). This project can be said to empower and inspire, while creating challenge and inducing compassion. After the exhibition came to a close, student Nora stated, "Overall, it was not so scary because I learned to be a risk-taker throughout the PYP Exhibition. I learned the important lesson to not give up and always try your best." The entire Grade 5 class clearly lived the school's mission with this exhibition, and should be proud of their job well done.