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Dec 14 2022

“Rock” Your Scholarship Application

Scholarship season is officially here! Scholarship applications are now open, and you can find out how to apply on our official website. BCIS offers scholarships for students in Grades 9-12 based on academic achievement, excellence in a specific field and commitment to the BCIS mission of “acting for the good of all and for the sustainable development of the world.” Apply for a scholarship today to demonstrate your achievements and inspire others at BCIS! 

Want to know more about what it takes to be awarded a scholarship from BCIS? We sat down with one of our current Founder’s Scholars, Bonbon (Grade 12), to see how he gained this distinguished honor. A BCISer since 2016, Bonbon joined the school in Grade 6 and has made significant impacts on our school and the Beijing community. His dedication to inspiring and empowering others through art and music demonstrates how he embodies the BCIS mission of creating positive change in the world. 

If you’ve been to one of BCIS’s many events, you’ve probably seen Bonbon on stage rocking some radical riffs with his guitar along with the other members of his band – Jinx. Or perhaps you have seen his art, like his piece The Limit that was displayed at last summer’s Alumni Reunion. Bonbon grew up immersed in an artistic environment, which is one key reason art has become his passion. However, it wasn’t until Grade 9 at BCIS that Bonbon picked up his guitar and took to the stage for a music class project. Ever since, he has been sharing his love of guitar on center stage at BCIS celebrations and events. 

It is not Bonbon’s talents alone that helped him land a scholarship; rather, it is how he uses music and art to enhance BCIS and the community beyond. Whether it is getting BCISers out of their seats with some rocking tunes at concerts or special occasions, or creating interactive installations to brighten up events, Bonbon is always looking for ways to add his own unique flair to the lively BCIS community. He also works in many Enrichment Activities (EAs) and groups outside of school to share his passions of art and music with others. 

Bonbon actively engages with many groups, such as BCIS’s Unlock, which works on creative activities with students with autism and helps raise awareness of their talents with the wider community, and Design for China, where he teaches art to younger students. He is a member of the BCIS volleyball team, and even shares his love of sports with younger students, having helped coach the U14 team. How does Bonbon make time for all this extracurricular work? “I don’t see these activities as an extra pressure, just a way of life,” he explains. Bonbon enjoys sharing his love of music and art, and his commitment to the community and the world was rewarded with a BCIS scholarship.

This attitude helps Bonbon balance his service and performance activities with his rigorous academic coursework in the Secondary School’s (SS) Diploma Program (DP). As a DP student, he is taking a wide range of challenging courses, including Spanish (his third language in addition to Chinese and English), Business Studies, Math, Art, and English. His penchant for art and creative thinking helps him achieve success in all academic domains and, conversely, he transfers concepts from his studies and applies them to his extracurricular activities. For example, he has applied leadership skills and logic that he developed from projects and competitions in Business Studies class and applied them to his rock band. His ability to combine his passions and his learning makes Bonbon an exceptional student who thrives in the classroom and beyond. 

Bonbon offers some final advice for others who are considering applying for a BCIS scholarship, saying, “don’t only see the scholarship as your final goal, make improving the community your main purpose.” In the future, he hopes to continue to work on giving back to the BCIS community. He has already worked with our Alumni Relations Team and Alumni Network. After he graduates, he hopes to continue to help build the BCIS Alumni Network and reconnect with his friends no matter where their journeys take them. Dina, Bonbon’s business teacher, describes how he applies his creativity inside and outside of the classroom, stating, “Bonbon is a one-of-a-kind student. He exemplifies what our world needs in these new, unprecedented times. His creative ability coupled with his in-depth critical thinking skills makes him this way.” Bonbon’s dedication to using this creativity to improve the BCIS community shows why he is a scholarship student.