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Jan 12 2023

Personalize Your Learning with IDEATE

In education, the term personalization has become an important keyword. What exactly does personalized learning mean, and, more importantly, what does it look like in the classroom? If you are curious about how classes can be tailored for individual students, the BCIS IDEATE program provides excellent examples. An important part of the IDEATE program is the IDEATE project, where each student manages their very own project on a subject that is important to them. These projects require individualized learning that reaches beyond the scope of the classroom to leave an impact on the whole school community. 


The IDEATE project is a comprehensive experience that spans both years of the program from Grade 11 to Grade 12. This provides students with sufficient time to research, plan and execute a meaningful proposal in their field of choice. This year, students have already launched their projects in front of a panel of students and leaders detailing their research on their topic and their detailed action plan for how and when to conduct their projects. This rigorous process challenges students to dive deep into the ocean of learning and hone the presentation and public speaking skills that help them present their personal passion to others. 


This past week, our IDEATE students once again had to share the progress they have made on their projects. Our IDEATE students are tackling various challenges around the community with their creative IDEATE projects. Their topics cover everything from renewable energy to filmmaking, creating a diverse and personalized classroom environment. Although the projects are still in progress, many students have already accomplished a lot and are beginning to reflect on their learning throughout the process so far.  


During the presentations, one project filled the room with waves of relaxing R&B melodies. These stunning soundwaves belonged to Yo-Yo, who’s passion for music made selecting a topic for his IDEATE project quite easy. “I am going to be studying music as a major at university, and I’ve always been making music, so this is a great opportunity for me to produce a full product,” he explains. From creating the instrumentals to crafting vocal melodies, the process of creating a full EP spanning a variety of genres involved quite a bit of work and research such as learning about music software and techniques such as vocal sampling. The IDEATE project gave Yo-Yo the flexibility and resources to try new production techniques and further develop his musical talents. 



While Yo-Yo chose to inspire through songs, another IDEATE student, Evan, chose to share his ideas through written works. Evan chose to create his own personalized interpretation on education itself, by creating a blog focused on the history of education and the parallels it holds with challenges in education today. A significant amount of his research focused on combing through original historical source material, such as an educational newspaper from 1931 with opinion pieces from editors. He was then able to synthesize this information, connect it to the present day and share it on his blog to teach others about the history of teaching. All this research has helped Evan build a comprehensive wealth of knowledge about the history of education, which will help him continue his project and pursue his passion of being a teacher one day. 


As Evan and Yo-Yo continue their projects, they will continue to share their learning and passions with others in the school and beyond. The IDEATE project is a fantastic example of personalized learning where students also need to understand how to carry out their own independent studies. Although the detailed process of the project is the same for all students, ensuring they gain valuable research, presentation and project management skills, the learning within the project itself is all directed by the students themselves. IDEATE teachers facilitate and inspire students with real-world examples of how the topics they study make an impact on the world, and they empower students to create meaningful learning experiences that extend to the community beyond. The personalized nature of the IDEATE program prepares students for future success in their university studies and future careers and helps them create a professional project that will leave an impact.