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Aug 06 2021


Grady Singleton

Congratulations to our Class of 2021! Students who graduated from BCIS in June have been offered and have accepted offers from universities all around the world. How was each student able to find the university that provided them with the perfect fit? Charles Grant, University Guidance Counselor here at BCIS Secondary School, discussed answers to this and other questions about the process students took to reach their dream schools.

Charles Grant is originally from Jamaica and has been an educator for thirteen years. He has experience as a Guidance Counselor, a health teacher in Venezuela, and most recently a University and Career Guidance Counselor at an American school. Charles holds a College Counseling Certificate from the University of California Los Angeles, a master's degree in Education from Framingham State University, and a bachelor's degree in Guidance and Counseling from Northern Caribbean University.

Where our graduates go

BCIS graduates are admitted to a myriad of top universities all over the world. Most of our graduates find universities in the United States that best fit their interests and passions, but graduates from the Class of 2021 have also accepted offers from universities in the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, and here in China.


The application journey

Students at BCIS begin their university search in Grade 9. Charles encourages them to begin writing their applications in the second semester of 11th grade, so they have enough time to complete the application. Starting early also means students can first write drafts of their essays, helping them to improve during the year.


Finding the right fit

Charles and the team at BCIS provide students with a plethora of tools to help them find the right university. Students at BCIS have access to several cutting-edge platforms to help them find schools that have the programs they want, such as Maia Learning and The Big College Search. Many of these resources have moved online, so while students may not currently be able to visit schools in person, they can attend virtual campus tours from BCIS. Charles makes sure that students research thoroughly to expand the list of universities that they are already familiar with and meets with students regularly to ensure they take a balanced approach when searching for schools.



Although the resources for students at BCIS are extremely useful, the lengthy university application process can still bring challenges. Students often find writing essays and personal statements to be daunting tasks, but Charles personally works with students, using tools like Screencastify to help each student write better essays. He also makes sure that the students start applying early enough, so that they have time to navigate the application process. #BCISchallenge


The BCIS advantage

BCIS not only prepares students for college through academics, but also focuses on preparing students to be strong leaders who are active in their school community. This provides them with an advantage when applying to universities that value the balanced skills BCIS students have, as well as the students' compassion for their surrounding communities. This advantage, combined with counselling from Charles, and the many BCIS resources, helps students to find and get accepted to their best-fit universities.


Exciting times

BCIS graduates who get accepted to their universities of choice are ecstatic, but they are not the only ones. Their teachers are also excited to see their former students move on to universities where they will continue to learn and thrive. The Class of 2021 students have received offers from almost 200 universities to date from the USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, and Switzerland. Charles himself gets goosebumps every time he learns another of his students has been accepted into their first-choice university, and the whole BCIS family has reason to celebrate.

image.pngThe BCIS community sends its congratulations to the Class of 2021 for their incredible achievements and growth. The Class of 2021 students have accomplished so much, and they will go on to accomplish even greater goals. #BCIScommunity