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At BCIS we are a community of lifelong learners, sharing the values and mission of the school when on campus or representing us elsewhere. We seek to empower our children and the whole community to be leaders and collaborators as they carve out their way in the world as global citizens.

In BCIS, we have a common name, and as parents of the school, the PTA strives to help everyone get involved with our community. We are welcome on campus to use the school gym, field, fitness room, swimming pool, library and cafe facilities, all providing community hubs for parents.

One way we show our BCIS spirit is supporting each other through regular PTA classes and activities, in fields ranging from educational, to culinary, to sport-related.

Please stay tuned for our updated list of activities after our 2024 AGM and Election!


ThursdayEnglish Book Club09:00 - 12:00Main Campus LeLe Learning Space

10:30 - 11:30Main Campus Black Box
Monday to SundaySports Club

18:00-21:00(week days)




Tennis Court

Kind reminder:These times may be changed depending on arrangements at school or other unforseen circumstances. Parents who are interested in joining, please contact the instructors or attendees to join the corresponding WeChat group to keep up with all the latest updates!


Sports Club

Hostess: Evelyn Wang


One of my amazing experiences in BCIS is to start the badminton club.  I was surprised that our school is so supportive to set up a parents badminton club. They provide the the courts and the facilities for us after school time. This truly proved that BCIS is an open community to all the members. 

Now we have almost 200 members and regular schedule for weekly activities.It doesn't matter whether you are a high level player or just a beginner. We gathered here to have fun, to know new friends, to live a healthy life, even to be a positive model to our kids. 

So don’t hesitate, come and join us! 

To join our club, please contact me at

English Book Club

Hostess:Shu Qi - PTA President ECC Parent

Picture_PTA (1).jpg

Jazzercise Class

Coach:Vivienne - ES Parent


You will always see busy but dynamic parents in BCIS. To make the classes enriching and effective, all the PTA class teachers need to spend a lot of energy and time on preparation. Working and parenting already keep them busy, so why are they still full of enthusiasm to serve other community members?

“All BCIS PTA classes are from the parents and for the parents. They are completely voluntary and free. The PTA considers these classes as a critical component when establishing and maintaining a collaborative, supportive, and positive spirit and relationship between the school and families within our community. It is a legacy we have inherited, and we would love to pass it on through our kindness and love.”

——Shu Qi

“Jazzercise helped me find a fun way to maintain exercise in my life regularly, while toning up my body to be more fit. I want to give others the chance to find that for themselves as well!”


“ For Sports Club, I think we should be thankful for our BCIS to provide school facilities to us. The gym, the field and the tennis court, are all open to our parents. Because of this, we get to know more new friends, do more exercise, we have so much fun with others, which is really relaxed us from busy life. I was surprised to see how supportive BCIS is, and how lucky we are to live in BCIS community. ”


With the support from school and so many parents’ participation and contribution, PTA Class has become a powerful connection between the school and families. The PTA is a homelike group which provide parents support.

1.jpg                       2.jpg

In our enrichment classes, we make new friends, face parenting challenges, enjoy great company with each other, and find a way out. You will be heard and supported. In the classes, we exercise together, make delicious dishes, or share our readings of wonderful books. When we walk out of the classroom, we feel less pressure and refreshed again. We become stronger to face all the anxiety and challenges of parenting.

3.jpg                       4.jpg

All the classes need lots of preparation to ensure an effective result. Why do our PTA teachers still love to dedicate so much time to their classes?

“So much fun! Jazzercise classes are what I look forward to the most in my week!”

—— Vivienne

“As I always tell all the attendants in our club, I am the one who is learning the most from others. All the amazing and inspirational people in our book club have taught me more than just the reading itself. I am very thankful to have such an incredible group and so many opportunities to get to know these supportive people as my crew and friends in the BCIS community. I can not wait to see them, greet them, hug them, hear them, talk and laugh with them, and support them every Thursday. I deeply appreciate all our wonderful people's creativity, passion, service, support, and love in the book club. The club would not be the same and so awesome without them.”

—— Shu Qi

Victoria has participated in PTA activities for six years. She joined the BCIS PTA Class as a parent student and also as a parent teacher. She has taught Spanish for about 1 year.


(Victoria is in the middle)

“I am so grateful to have known so many kind and excellent parents who come from different countries, from different cultural backgrounds,and who speak different languages or dialects. We have learned English, Spanish, German, French, Korean, Japanese, and of course Chinese in class,as well as knitting, cooking, dancing, and painting together. We have a great time, chatting, singing, and laughing together. We taste cuisine from all over the world, go shopping, and even hang out in Spring and Autumn together when Beijing has beautiful weather.

Pay it forward is not only a new phrase that I have learned in class but also a touching community culture I have witted and experienced from parents in PTA Class and BCIS events like the ROUNDABOUT Charity Book Fair,BCIS PTA Shop,and TERRY FOX Run. A lot of kind and caring parents join these events and donate their money, love, and time to help people,and serve as excellent role models for themselves and their kids…

Parents leave and parents come. No matter wherever those parents are now,and whatever they are doing now,the meaningful and wonderful days that we have spent in BCIS PTA Classes will always be one of the most beautiful memories and images in my life! "


This is the BCIS parent community life. We welcome you to join us! Find your children a perfect school for themselves and find yourself a caring group of friends going forward.