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Nov 24 2022


Grady Singleton

We dedicate. We donate. We are happy!

—2022 Roundabout Book Fair in BCIS

Ice cold winter passes by thanks to the power of nature. The climate change is quiet and soft but powerful. Now, in BCIS, the same power is flowing in our campus. It is the "Roundabout Book Fair". All the students, parents, and staff of the BCIS community are involved in the fair. Our love and responsibility formed this strong power, which will go on to support children with Leukemia. BCIS PTA members have given this event the best support.

Sunday, one day before the opening, 246 boxes of books arrived at BCIS. There was so much work that needed to be done. Our volunteer families only took 3 hours to finish all the work, We set up the tables and the baskets, and put the books neatly in the baskets with clear labels.

Even when the work needed "mommies" to be strong, and "daddies" to be careful, it was not a problem.

We were delighted when we saw our lovely kids trying their best to help. They are taking responsibility, and growing up in BCIS culture.

"Roundabout Book Fair" lasted for 5 days. We got a new sale record of 84240 RMB. Roundabout also received donated books and other items. A total of 64 parents signed up as volunteers. Roundabout gave us a certificate of appreciation. This honor belongs to all BCIS families. No matter if you bought something, donated something, or you worked hard for the event, you are a wonderful volunteer.

Held once a year, "BCIS Roundabout Book Fair" has been a tradition since 2014. Let us keep this beautiful tradition with our actions and let the BCIS spirit shine.