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Strategic Plan - Collaboration





COLLABORATION is a very important aspect of our strategic direction as research shows the most common skills needed for future work are collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, coding, and computer science.  In 2020, collaboration was identified as the most significant skill across all business sectors.  It is predicted that collaboration and relational skills like facilitation, co-creation and social & emotional awareness will continue to be necessary through the 2030s in order to prosper in teams and across communities and networks. OECD “Future of Education and Skills 2030.” (2019)

At BCIS we exhibit a strong ‘team-first’ culture of collaboration. We want our staff to stay and their satisfaction to be amongst the highest in the region. We also want to see students who are highly competent collaborators and are able to self-organize in teams, holding each other effectively accountable for the learning that happens. A distinctive aspect of our culture of collaboration is the extensive ongoing collaboration with alumni, parents and the school. BCIS alumni and parents are important members of our community and play a pivotal role in our culture of collaboration.

We’re strategically committing to the development of a professional learning community at BCIS. Professional collaboration, with the sharing of approaches to learning, curriculum development and creative ideas, helps our community benefit from far more than the sum of its parts. We’re going to invest in the time, space and skills development that will empower teams to take the lead on projects that will define our school for years to come. And we’ll extend that definition of a team to students, staff and faculty, and the wider community working together, or in their part of the school.