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Strategic Plan - Leadership





Does LEADERSHIP necessarily mean leading others? If not, what does it mean? No, in our strategic plan, leadership is not only limited to the leading of others. Nor is it limited to those familiar formal leadership positions in our lives – Chief Executive Officers, Presidents, Principals, Senior Managers, Head Coaches, Department Chairs, etc. We believe that:

•    You do not need a formal title to be a leader
•    Having a formal title does not automatically make you a leader
•    Everyone has the opportunity to lead everyday
•    Everyone can learn to be a leader
•    Leaders have a positive impact on the self and the community
•    Leadership is a service, and not for self-service  

The power of leading through teamwork should be seen as equally important as leading alone. We also want to see students who are highly competent collaborators and can self-organize in teams, holding each other effectively accountable for the learning that happens. We want people to step up, learn from failures, and see their best ideas thrive.

Given the desire to see teams activated around projects of their own design, towards the school’s goals, we see leadership development as a learning opportunity for each and everyone. We encourage and develop leadership wherever it might be simmering in our community.