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Jun 04 2021


Fei Gao

The Beijing City International School (BCIS) Class of 2021 are now BCIS Alumni! On the picture-perfect Saturday afternoon graduating students, their families and BCIS community members arrived at a hallway of twinkling stars which led to the beautifully transformed gym where the ceremony was held. The Class of 2021 made it! The Class of 2021 graduated!

BCIS 2021 Graduates are the school's living mission. The Class of 2021 have exemplified grit and resilience to reach this extraordinary milestone after carefully navigating the challenges of COVID-19 during the last 15 months. Through it all, compassion has been at the core of the BCIS community, supporting each other to bring everyone to this day, together. The graduation was celebrated and enjoyed worldwide with families, alumni, and two of the BCIS 2021 Graduates who attended virtually from South Korea and South Africa donning their caps and gowns.

With many memorable moments between the heartfelt and empowering words shared by speakers, BCIS Teacher Drum Ensemble, Class of 2021 chorus, recognizing graduates who have been with us since their early years and those who have received university scholarship offers, this year's valedictorian, Karen, expressed the BCIS experience and sentiments perfectly. Excited for everyone's futures, Karen described her class as a "rich tapestry" matchlessly crafted with each student's meeting. In Karen's words, "Graduates of BCIS can be sure of ... an invaluable education, our wonderful friends, and our huge thread of memories. That this thread will remain with us, forever interwoven, our never-ending tapestry of our lives."

Class of 2021, congratulations! As your elected graduation teacher speaker, Mrs Alexandra McQueen, said, "we can't wait to see what you accomplish! Zai jian!"

Please enjoy the highlights video and on the official BCIS website. The full recording is also available here.