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Jun 11 2021


Fei Gao

BCIS Swimming Challenge is officially approved by USA Swimming, in order to launch the SWIMS individual meet time inclusion service for the amateur swimmers in China.

Meet Host

Beijing City International School (BCIS).


To apply for registration for this swim meet send an email to:

  • Please include team's Chinese/English name, team introduction and number of participants
  • Deadline to submit the above information: June 30th, 2021
  • Successful registrations will be confirmed by the meet host BCIS, according to participant number limits

SWIMS by USA Swimming

SWIMS is the one and only US national official swim times database, endorsed, operated and maintained by USA Swimming. Performance times entered in SWIMS are USA Swimming approved. These times serve as one of the most official and reliable references for swimming athletes when pursuing entrance to academic institutions.

BCIS Swimming Challenge has been officially and solely approved by USA Swimming in order to activate the SWIMS times inclusion service through the meet.


RMB 1,300 (USD 200) per year per individual swimmer, fee includes:

  • One full year of swimmer's sanctioned/approved/observed China meets times' inclusion in SWIMS
  • One full year free admission, starting from the first meet-application-date, to any local sanctioned/approved/observed meets in China (additional entry fees might be applied per meet, based on the various local host requests)
  • This fee is NOT a swim meet entrance/registration fee, it is only a service fee for SWIMS by USA Swimming

BCIS Swimming Challenge Fees

  • Entry fee: RMB 600 per person, meet registration and sport competition insurance are included

  • Entry Fee + SWIMS annual service fee: RMB 1,900