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May 08 2020


Dennis Wang

Beijing City International School (BCIS) IDEATE program's second Celebration of Learning was held in April as scheduled, although with an online twist. The online nature of this year's exhibition allowed more students and teachers to participate in the celebration, as well as increase the opportunity for all #BCIScommunity members to explore the projects and engage 1-on-1 with Grade 12 IDEATE students.

Throughout the two-year IDEATE course each student produces two to three major projects. Projects can take a variety of focuses, from global issues to mathematical and scientific queries, or take the form of an original artwork. Whatever the project's focus or form, it must meet the four key impacts: critical thinking, purposeful doing, creative thinking, and connected doing.

In addition to the practical skills needed for students to plan and complete their individual projects, they must also have sound time management and multitasking abilities in order to meet the rigorous criteria and deadlines. Maggie, a Grade 12 IDEATE student, said: "My first project was a short film, which I completed in the first semester of Grade 12. However, my second project was restricted by time, so to avoid rushing to make another film I opted to produce a comparative study on film shooting practices and film theory." Dayeon, a Grade 12 IDEATE student who will be attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, whose artworks are widely loved by the community, chose to display clips of her research on global trade barriers which ties together her creative pursuit and inquiry into global issues.

The incredible amount of work and inspiring vision that these Grade 12 IDEATE students put into their projects showcases the potential they hold as they continue their journey beyond BCIS. Click here to explore all of this year's IDEATE Celebration of Learning projects.