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May 08 2020


Dennis Wang

Our Journey Continues series profiles BCIS Grade 12 students as they take the next step in their learning journey, they answer questions on their experience at BCIS and share their aspirations for the future. Amily is an IDEATE student with a deep passion for film who has accepted an offer to attend the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, click here to explore her work.


IDEATE Program Student

University Offers Received:

Chosen University: Tisch School of the Arts, New York University (NYU)

What went through your mind when you received your university offer?

It was love at first sight for me with NYU, so when I received the offer it felt like a blessing from above! All of the time I spent researching the university and effort I put into each stage of the application process paid off. I spent hours and hours finding out about the order classes should be taken in, that the glass staircase on the 10th floor of the music building is a good spot for a cry, as well as all the local hangout spots around the NYU campus.

I am also grateful that throughout the application process I was able to take time and peacefully reflect on how I was feeling, focusing on my thoughts and the trajectory I wanted to take. I found this really beneficial as it allowed me to review my life and lifestyle habits and deeply reflect on my significance and value.

By expressing my interests and goals, I was able to be sincere in my application and let my light shine through and I believe NYU recognized that sincerity.

What year did you begin at BCIS? What is your favorite place on the BCIS campus?

I joined BCIS in Grade 7. My favorite place has to be the glass corridor that connects the Elementary and Secondary School during the Autumn. It is usually a very quiet place where you can go to study or just go there to think.

What did choosing the IDEATE course mean to you?

The IDEATE course encourages learning through practice and going beyond theory, this helped me to better and more quickly discover my potential and build competencies in diverse areas. IDEATE developed my ability to openly approach problems and work to solve various unknowns, better communicate with others and adapt to new environments. By choosing the IDEATE and having that focus, I believe that I was able to allocate more time to my academic studies too. For example, I have always found myself as a natural leader, I have been a team captain, class president, charity director, business competition leader, dance troupe leader, message board leader as well as being a role model for my seven cousins. In these positions I have also sought to set a good example through my actions and set clear goals and take practical steps to achieve them. After all, only by focusing on what matters can you see effective results and succeed in the highly competitive world we live in.