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Apr 17 2020


Dennis Wang

Following the sharing of the current list of university offers received by Beijing City International School's (BCIS) Class of 2020, we are pleased to present our Journey Continues article series. Our Journey Continues series will profile BCIS Grade 12 students as they take the next step in their learning journey, they will answer questions on their experience at BCIS and share their aspirations for the future.


IB Diploma Programme Student

University Offers Received: Loughborough University (UK), Liverpool John Moores University (UK), Bournemouth University (UK), Staffordshire University (UK), Sheffield Hallam University (UK).

What went through your mind when you received your university offer?

I felt I was a step closer to independence, I also felt I was a step closer to fulfilling my dream because sports have been an important aspect of my life and I am glad a chapter of my life will be dedicated to the study of sports.

What year did you begin at BCIS? What is your favorite place on the BCIS campus?

I joined BCIS when I was in 6th grade. My favorite place on campus has to be the senior lounge, I have had so many memorable times there with my friends, it was also a place where I could relax and study.

What three words do you feel best describe BCIS?

Memorable, Caring, Friendly

Keep your eyes peeled for more student profiles in the weeks to come.