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Apr 12 2020


Dennis Wang

We are delighted to confirm the local authorities have just formally announced that schools may begin reopening from 27th April 2020, beginning with our Grade 12 students only in the first phase. On May 11th our Grade 9 students may return to campus. We do not yet have full details of when other grades may return. We will await further information and share with you as soon as we are informed.

我们很高兴确认北京市政府刚刚正式宣布全市12年级可以从2020年4月27日开始返校学习,第一阶段返校仅针对12年级学生。 5月11日,我校9年级学生可能会返回校园。我们还不知道其他年级返校时间的详细安排。目前正等待进一步的信息,并会在收到通知后立即与您分享。