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Apr 10 2020


Dennis Wang

Beijing City International School's (BCIS) Early Childhood Center (ECC) is home to our youngest learners. We joined in a day of ECC online learning to see how they have taken learning through play and inquiry to the small screen.

All ECC students start their day with a live morning welcome session with their teacher and classmates, where students get a chance to interact with their friends and check in with their teacher. Concept or concepts are introduced by the teacher, for example, responding to sound and sorting numbers and shapes, that will be their focus for the day.

Next students join a live session in smaller groups where teacher leads them through a series of learning 'games'. Today, students were asked to engage in a session of guided drawing to music, where different tempo music was played to see how students express themselves differently to differing tempos. To get the class moving, the teacher also led students in a game of spin the wheel squat jumps, reinforcing their number recognition and counting skills.

Following their morning live class, students log onto SeeSaw where three video activities are ready and waiting, making learning more convenient to fit around the learning from home schedule. Today in Nursery there was an Art activity paper cutting session which practiced fine motor skills and counting, a mathematics activity where students matched numbers with a quantity of objects, and a Chinese activity where students were read and learnt a Chinese poem.

Every day ends with a live read aloud story or yoga session. Today, a Kindergarten class read "Happy Birthday, Big Bad Wolf" by Frank Asch, with e-pages that turn, the teacher led students through the story and ended with a class question time, where students shared their thoughts on the story.

To see the smiling faces of so many young learners brings light in these uncertain times. As they continue to learn and grow despite the circumstances, it gives us all hope for the future.