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Apr 23 2019


Greg Choi

"Critical thinkers. Purposeful doers. Creative thinkers. Connected learners." These are the core descriptions that define the students of the BCIS IDEATE diploma program. These young scholars thrive through learning environments and experiences that blend experiential learning, transfer learning, self-directed learning, and social-emotional learning. Being empowered to follow their passions and interests, the students are able to build their skills and strengths through entrepreneurial projects they fully believe and support.

Recently, the inaugural group of Grade 12 students that took part in this special program held an exhibition to showcase the progress of their personalized studies. From growing artificial crystals, raising leopard geckos, making shirts highlighting Beijing culture, and creating shoe braces for foot injuries, to designing dog jewelry pet owners can actually wear, illustrating a recipe book of simple (yet delicious) dishes, and even making their own film, the young creatives certainly proved they possess ingenious ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit. Student Jerry Li, who created his own fashion brand called the "Angler Gang," mentioned the program has allowed him to pursue and focus on his passion and beliefs, while also giving the confidence to further promote the hip-hop culture to the public. Student Abraham You, who also expresses himself through unique fashion, shared that he has been able to explore many of his creative ideas through the program, leading to discovering more of his personal aesthetics and style.

The members of the Class of 2019 in the IDEATE program have truly taken control of their own learning and growth to express their unique selves. They have gained self-confidence and even greater abilities. Furthermore, they have gained awareness and clear minds regarding what passions and goals they would like to pursue. If the recent exhibition these entrepreneurs held is any indication of what's to come, we are certainly looking forward to learning about all their endeavors in the near future.