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Jan 30 2019


Greg Choi

On January 16, the Warriors embarked on their journey to Guangzhou for 2019's ACAMIS Yellow Division Basketball Competition.

The teams left BCIS Wednesday around 12:00 pm and took a 4-hour flight before making it to Guangzhou at 7:00 pm.


On Friday morning, both teams had their first games. The boys played UISG, the host school, and although they put up a good fight, lost their game. Unfortunately, the boys lost their second game as well. On day two, the boys sadly continued to go 0-4. However, they did a fantastic job to cheer on our Lady Warriors and spurred them on throughout their successes, making sure their voices in the stands were heard.

That evening, all of the teams gathered to go bowling for social night. It was a great experience as our warriors got to show their skills in other sports off the basketball court and also got to know and interact with student athletes representing other schools. Day 3, which was the final day, was the day of the finals. While the boys finished with a final tournament result of 0-6, the girls team played for 3rd place and won!


The morning after their arrival at Guangzhou, the girls team faced the champions of the tournament, SUIS for their first game where they lost 14-30. After getting warmed up to the level of competition, the warriors came out on top with a win against SSIS 35-30 in the afternoon. Keeping their spirits high, the girls got up early to face YCIS and came out with a strong win, continuing their winning streak into the afternoon when they faced NCPA in a tough game to send them to the semi-finals on Saturday. The following morning, the lady warriors went head-to-head with the host school UISG, wherein the girls fought hard for every point, leaving half time at 12-10. However, in the third quarter, the girls' team point guard suffered an injury that put her out of the game. The team was shaken up and emotional, and weren't quite able to squeak it out, sending them into the finals playing for 3rd-4th place. They faced their old competition SSIS, and were able to obtain a handsome lead and secure the win, earning them third place overall.

This is the first time in several years that a BCIS girls' basketball team has placed at ACAMIS, and they hope to continue their winning streak next year!

Along with the third-place win, one player each from the boys and girls' teams were selected as MVPs. A huge congratulations to David Li and Greta Wedge for their stellar performances and raw talent on the court.

unknown.gifThrough this experience, the team has grown tremendously as a strong unit as they have learned to trust each other and leave it all on the court. This would not have been possible without the help of their amazing coaches, Ms. Bre and Mr. Berry, to which the girls extend their endless gratitude for the dedication and sacrifices the coaches made for the girls.

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