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Dec 09 2021




As the winter days grow colder, how wonderful is it that we celebrate the warmth and community of our BCIS family? The best place to experience such joyous cheer had to be the BCIS Christmas Bazaar, an annual event of holiday festivity. Carefully following health and hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of all BCISers, the school was able to host an amazing event, filled with singing, laughter, food, and fun. What makes BCIS truly stand out is our tight-knit, neighborhood community.

The famous BCIS community spirit was in full flow during the Bazaar. It was evident from the moment the event kicked off with the lighting of the Christmas tree, which brightened the campus like a lighthouse leading the way to the festive fun. As soon as the "oohs" and "aahs" died down, the Bazaar burst into beautiful holiday song. This was courtesy of our fantastically talented students in the ECC and the ES Choir. Their beautiful voices lifted everyone's spirits and attracted much of the attention at the event. The musical merriment was rounded out with our SS students, Anakin, Qinglan, and Perry, as well as the band of Bonbon, Jayden, Melody, and Bethan, whose energetic performances impressed all.


As our students sang their final notes, the fun was just beginning at the Christmas Bazaar. Our magnificent mascot, LeLe made an appearance, along with Snow Girl and Santa Claus himself. Santa even had a special introduction with music from our very own Tiger and Pearson. The cheerful characters and music made this fun day all the more special. After enjoying all the performances, Bazaar-goers could make their way through the winding maze of shops and stalls, all full of beautiful seasonal gifts.


The stalls at the Christmas Bazaar seemed more numerous than the lights on the Christmas tree. With merchants selling everything from food to crafts, from soaps to toys, everyone could find the perfect gifts for their friends and families. Adventurous customers who visited 50 stalls were rewarded with a beautiful pair of BCIS Christmas socks, which served as a warm memory and a lovely gift. Following the Christmas spirit, and the BCIS motto of acting for the good of all, a portion of all sales were donated to Roundabout's Helping Hands Project. In fact, the Bazaar raised 27,480 RMB in total, which will be used for medical assistance for children with Leukemia and will be donated by All Love Hands Create Future If the Bazaar itself wasn't enough, this is surely reason to celebrate the season of giving.


The generosity didn't stop at this already lofty donation. Many of the stalls at the event were staffed by our very own BCIS students. These dedicated scholars worked tirelessly to support a variety of charity organizations, which are outlined below. Some of the many great student organizations present at the event are listed here, along with some of the causes they support.


  • Working with the China Disabled Cultural and Creative Industry Base, students from our UNLOCK group helped staff the Christmas Bazaar, selling baked goods and even setting up the "Stargazers" art exhibition to raise awareness and money for students with autism

  • Cat EA
  • Another student group raising money at the Bazaar was our very own Cat EA. Students from the Cat EA were raising money to provide shelter to stray cats. They also meet to inform others of the best ways to help stray cats on and around campus.

  • Girl Up
  • Working to promote gender equality and empower women both at BCIS and in the wider community, Girl Up has completed many projects around the school and in Beijing working to provide girls and women fair access to sanitary products.

  • Smile Angel Foundation
  • Several of our BCIS students set up a stand selling homemade baked goods and items to raise money for the Smile Angel Foundation. This charity helps children born with a cleft palate gain access to surgery.

  • Our Learning House
  • Student Angela and her mother sold goods at their booth at the Bazaar, and raised 1,200 RMB that will be donated to Our Learning House for their new "PingDingShan" project for orphans in Henan province.


Many of our BCIS students continue giving back and helping others after the event. UNLOCK, the Cat EA, and Girl Up all meet regularly during the semester to help their causes, and their members are always happy for the chance to make an impact. The Christmas Bazaar provides these outstanding groups with a great platform to spread their message and raise funds. It is truly a wonderful experience for all those involved, both students and community members.


Overall, the Christmas Bazaar was a delightful day of celebration for our BCIS Community! The fun holiday cheer was second only to the happiness of giving back to others. We sincerely thank everyone who helped make the Bazaar such a memorable celebration! The Christmas Bazaar highlighted what makes our BCIS community so special. The presence of all these wonderful people at BCIS is truly the best holiday present one could ask for!



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